Dr. John Crabtree

   HJC Consulting Inc. provides professional science, analytical chemistry and microfluidics consulting to corporate, government and academic clients alike for a variety of business, research and investment needs.

   The company has core technical competences in nano- and microfluidics (lab-on-a-chip, µTAS), separation science and analytical instrument development, and is well versed in analytical chemistry generally.  Core business competences pertain to product development, project management and business strategy.  The company also acts as a subject matter expert for university IP offices, government agencies, law firms, etc.  HJC Consulting Inc. makes use of an extensive network of professional service providers and industrial/academic collaborators to complement its own expertise when appropriate.  Lastly, the company is well connected with a number of microfabrication partners using different materials and fabrication methods.  HJC Consulting is fully independent, beholden to no fabrication houses.  It can thus provide truly unbiased recommendations for appropriate manufacturing partner(s), and can help with the progression through prototyping and manufacturing phases.

   HJC Consulting Inc. strongly subscribes to current best practices for business and project management to ensure project success and a harmonious client relationship along the way.

   H. John Crabtree, Ph.D., P.Chem., PMP, founder of HJC Consulting Inc., has over two decades of experience relating to products and projects based on microfluidics, analytical separations and associated instrumentation.  He has spent nearly 10 years of his professional career in an ISO 9001 SME corporate environment managing product development projects driven by both internal and external clients, often with academic or government research collaborators.  Dr. Crabtree has published well-cited research articles concerning microfluidics and other topics, and sits on the boards of the Association of the Professional Chemists of Alberta and nanoCluster Alberta.  More detailed descriptions of his scientific and business bases of experience are found in his LinkedIn™ profile and curriculum vitae.  You can also follow his Twitter comments on microfluidics news.

   If you would like to discuss your project needs, please contact Dr. Crabtree by e-mail (john(at)hjcconsulting(dot)ca).

Scientific Research Expertise

Analytical separations


Bio applications

PCR, DNA sequencing, fragment analysis, cell sorting


LIF detection, I/O synchronisation, Peltier heating/cooling, SW/FW, HV electronics, industrial design


Laplace pressure, chip rejuvenation, sample gating & field inversion for DNA separations


Glass, silicon, SU-8, PDMS, PMMA/PC materials
CAD design, photolithography, wet-etching, hot embossing; fusion, anodic & glue bonding, characterisation

Business Expertise

Project management

corporate & academic environment

Product development

concept to launch, post-launch development

Product line management

generation of marketing brochures, newsletters, etc. for microdevice & instrumentation product lines
product demonstrations (tours, trade shows), annual sales targets

Intellectual property (IP)

Paper/patent searching, strategising
various provincial and federal agencies
high success rate; >$500k

ISO 9001

certification & maintenance for microfluidic product line